Website & web shop


Your customers expect a clear website that informs you and is user-friendly. Your website and web shop are easy to find and have good search engine scores.

Your customers spend a good deal of their time online. Luckily, your website and web shop adapt automatically to the device used by the customer to visit your site.

Many visitors come to your website or web shop. New visitors are seduced by what you are offering, existing customers become loyal to your brand. In that way you expand your reputation and optimize your turnover.

Your website is almost never offline, and if something should go wrong, you can count on assistance at any time of the day.  You have a hosting package adapted to your website’s needs, making it work smoothly.

Never heard of the possibilities mentioned above?

Or even worse… you don’t have a website that does what it is supposed to do (to generate returns) and you think that starting up of a web shop is expensive?

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Services:  Web design and/or maintenance of your website/web shop; SEO analysis of your existing or new website; SEA (search engine advertising); Domain names and website hosting

Press & communication


You don’t shoot blindly. Your business has an excellent plan of attack with regard to its communication. You evaluate your communication efforts regularly and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Existing and new customers, prospects, suppliers, journalists,… Your company maintains a good relationship with all of the actors, you adapt your communication according to each target group.

Your on- and offline communication ensures a growing customer acquisition and solid client loyalty.

PR holds no more secrets for you.  Even better, journalists love to pay you a visit and follow your every move.

In other words, your communication is excellent!

Could you do better still?  Of course you can!

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Services (both online and offline): Communication and marketing advice; Drawing up and/or applying of your communications plan; Analyzing and reporting on a regular basis; All PR-related services; Writing press releases and maintaining press contacts; Organizing press conferences; Managing a press office before and during your events; Acting as an external spokespersonfor your company or brand. 

Copy & translations 


We write it and translate it…

– a prospective letter or company folder
– a (new) website or e-mail campaigns
– your press communications and/or press kit
– creative, innovative, interesting content for your website and social media profiles
– articles and interviews for papers, (specialized) magazines, printed or online
– research articles, short texts, promotion messages
– translations (Dutch, French, English, Italian or Spanish)

Call us or send us an e-mail.  We are creative, budget-friendly and we work fast.

E-mail marketing


With the growing success of chat applications such as Whatsapp and Messenger, the use of e-mails are used less often and mailboxes are protected more than ever.

Probably the best reason to consider e-mail marketing. E-mail campaigns that are relevant, personal and interesting for the readers are the way to go.

We help you set up an e-mail campaign that uses the latest technology to approach your clients on a personal level and offer the much desired added value and results.

Services: set up campaigns, design e-mail templates, content creation, clear analyses, …

Social media


Your clients and prospects spend much of their precious time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media channels.

Like it or not, your company will have to be on there some day.  But how and when will you take on this task? And most importantly, who will free up the time to do it?  De Huzaren!

We train your staff to become social media experts or we manage your company’s social media channels for you.     Your choice!

Services:  Advice and counselling for social media advertising; Social media management with regular reporting; Providing text, pictures, animation for your social media channels; Training for your staff. 

Photo, video & design 


De Huzaren can count on the expertise of several talented photographers and graphic designers.  They can…

– establish or transform your design
– refresh your letters and envelopes with a new logo
– prepare your company presentation
– create your brochure, folder, press kit
– translate your company’s vision into images (photo & video)